COUR Pharmaceuticals

COUR Pharmaceuticals asked Microverse Studios to produce a triplet of 2-minute mechanism of action animations describing different applications for their novel nanoparticle therapy, proven to re-program the immune system and potentially eliminate severe allergy, autoimmune disease, and the neutralizing antibody responses that cripple the effectiveness of gene therapies. As you can imagine, they had a… More


Clean Water and Targeted Nutrition: Making Farming Better for the Environment Agranco Corporation USA develops game-changing agrochemical technologies that promote sustainability, increase biocapacity, and reduce ecological footprint of agricultural operations. With a massive, international distribution across 5 continents, concise and consistent communication was key. Sales staff needed a tool that could quickly and easily explain… More

Bausch & Lomb

Cutting Without a Blade: Using Fluid Dynamics to Make Eye Surgery Safer Bausch & Lomb has a long history of innovating eye surgery, and the Vitesse Hypersonic Vitrectomy cutter is no exception. It is so unique, in fact, that it operates on completely different physical principles from traditional vitrectomy devices. Traditional vitrectomy cutters use a… More


A New Kind of Glue Cohera Medical has developed a surgical sealant unlike any that has come before: TissuGlu. There are many tissue adhesives on the market, most of them fibrin based or cyanoacrilates (basically Krazy Glue). However, TissuGlu’s many unique features make it ideal for closing large-flap surgeries such as abdominoplasty, which can’t be… More


From Alzheimers to ALS, Protein Misfolding is a Treatable Pathology Treventis is paving the way to a future without Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, ALS, Huntington’s disease, and other protein misfolding disorders with their Common Conformational Morphology (CCM) technology. But in order to get the word out, they have to explain what CCM is. To understand how CCM… More


Agrochemical Innovation In 3 Minutes or Less Oro-Agri produces naturally derived agrochemical products for worldwide distribution, continually working to bring innovative and environmentally preferable crop protection and yield enhancing solutions to the marketplace. The thing is, a lot of these products have very unique mechanisms of action. It’s these hard-to-explain details that set their products… More


An Engineered Protein Unlocks New Potential Therapies Pieris has developed a new class of protein drug, called Anticalin, which can be engineered to bind to a multitude of potential therapeutic targets. This opens up the potential to develop therapies for a vast range of illnesses. Their first successes were in immuno-oncology and asthma, with each… More

Marrone Bio Innovations

Activating the Immune System in Plants Did you know that plants have their own immune system? Marrone Bio Innovations has developed Regalia, a compound that stimulates plants’ natural defenses in order to make them hardier and more resistant to bacterial and fungal infections. Marrone Bio Innovations took advantage of Microverse’s in-depth experience in cellular and… More

Biological Dynamics

Cancer Screening with a Drop of Blood What if, with just a drop of blood, one could detect not only the presence, but the entire genetic or epigenetic profile of any cancer? Biological Dynamics has developed the Tr(ACE) assay– a laboratory on a chip that allows direct visualization of DNA from pathologies anywhere in the… More

Sens Foundation

Aging is a Treatable Disease What if we treated aging as a disease that could be prevented? That is the philosophy behind the SENS Research Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to driving scientific investigation into the underlying causes of the collection of symptoms that we call aging. The SENS Research Foundation asked Microverse Studios to… More


Too Much of a Good Thing: Preventing Blindness due to Blood Vessel Overgrowth Diabetes can cause a lack of oxygen to the retina, which can initiate unwanted blood vessel growth and potentially cause blindness. Aerpio Pharmaceuticals has developed a compound that can stabilize this overgrowth, preventing more advanced stages of the disease. In order to… More


Imagine having critically high cholesterol levels, regardless of medication and strictness of diet– Cholesterol so bad that it pools under the skin and clogs the arteries from a young age. For people with a rare genetic disorder called familial hypercholesterolemia, this suffering is a reality. Genzyme, in preparation to release the first-in-class antisense drug Kynamro… More