Too Much of a Good Thing: Preventing Blindness due to Blood Vessel Overgrowth

Diabetes can cause a lack of oxygen to the retina, which can initiate unwanted blood vessel growth and potentially cause blindness. Aerpio Pharmaceuticals has developed a compound that can stabilize this overgrowth, preventing more advanced stages of the disease.

In order to educate investors and potential collaborative partners, Aerpio needed to find an animation studio that was capable of accurately conveying this message in a way that made understanding easy.

When Aerpio learned that the animators at Microverse Studios were both cinematic experts and
scientists in their own right, they asked Microverse Studios to produce a series of animations outlining the function of their compound on a molecular level.

After a science call and an opportunity to dig into the research surrounding the topics at play, the animation team developed the animations from concept development through to final delivery, reviewing progress at each milestone to ensure the project was accurate and consistent with Aerpio’s other communications.

The end result was a set of communications tools that tells their story without a massive wall of text, making it easy for any interested party to learn.