5 Tips for a Successful Medical Device Marketing Strategy

Aug 19th, 2022
5 Tips for a Successful Medical Device Marketing Strategy

You have a revolutionary new device and want to sing its praises to the world, but how do you convey the merits of your product effectively? Marketing a new medical device isn't an easy feat, but by using these five tips for a successful medical device marketing strategy, you can create a campaign that showcases the full potential of your technology.

Know Your Audience

Who are you marketing to? Diverse demographics react differently to marketing; understanding who your audience is and what they need is crucial to marketing to them successfully. Consider the surgery your device is improving and how that will affect the doctor-patient relationship. Find your audience’s watering holes—conferences and publications that a surgeon needing your device would subscribe to.

Educate Potential Customers

Almost every medical device marketing campaign involves sales staff that can be with your target clientele in the surgical theatre to help them understand how your technology works and communicate its benefits. A good salesperson can close the deal, but they have to get their foot in the door—for that, you need top-level brand development that clearly explains your device in the easiest to absorb and most appealing way the first time your target audience sees it. Get them interested. Get them to ask questions, then answer them.

Make the Most of Social Media

Our next tip for a successful medical device marketing strategy is to create accounts on various social media platforms. The users of your medical device are highly trained professionals who have a professional network of colleagues, likely across the globe. Social media is how they stay connected and share with one another and their larger professional and personal networks, making it an ideal medium for reaching the widest audience possible. By utilizing social media, you can quickly and easily communicate with your existing customers and grow your base.

Build Your Brand

With a name and a logo, you're off to a good start. But your brand needs more than just a name to stand out. Your brand’s look and company philosophy need to create a gut reaction in audiences that generates trust. Your device is solving a problem, whether it’s reducing cost, improving outcomes, enhancing the surgical process, or some combination of all three. That value should be unmistakable and carried through every client interaction.

Use Creative and Easy To Understand Mediums

Sure, you can expound on your medical device's virtues using long strings of academic text, but this method is unlikely to grab most consumers. By using interesting, visual, and memorable mediums like image and video, you can attract and retain consumers' attention and make them more likely to remember your brand and product. Visual mediums have been shown to increase retention rate and even enhance your SEO by driving traffic and decreasing bounce rate, all of which improve your brand's visibility.

If you want your medical device to stand out, Microverse Studio's team can help. We're a full-service medical animation studio with a team of passionate, talented animators possessing advanced degrees. We can help you tell the story of your device succinctly, informatively, and beautifully. To learn more about our medical device animation services and discuss your ideas, contact us today.

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