Medical Device

Medical devices are, as a general rule, brilliant inventions that have very specific surgical applications. One problem with explaining how these devices work is that their action often takes place in a very difficult-to-see place: deep inside the human body. In-person demonstrations are an important part of customer education, and surgeries simulated with prosthetic surgical sites can be helpful as well in understanding the technique. However, no communications tool matches animation when it comes to clearly depicting the structure and functionality of a medical device, or its ability to make a big first impression. We can show the interior of a closed surgical field, demonstrate how a stent unfolds, or how a device uses hypersonic movement and fluid dynamics to cause a shearing effect. And our animations can be as easy to distribute as an emailed link, or a video embedded on the product website.

Animation is also a major tool for generating interest. Rather than encountering a dry, live-video demonstration, potential customers’ first impression of a medical device can be an engaging, accurate, and memorable production. Our animators have extensive backgrounds in anatomy and histology, as well as the scientific and medical backgrounds necessary to get up to speed with our clients’ medical device technologies without handholding.

The result is stunning and engaging storytelling that draws audiences in and leaves a lasting impression.


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