Biotechnology is one of the most prolific and varied industries in the world today, and it possesses an unlimited potential for entrepreneurship and doing good in the world. Because the myriad technologies coming to market are often utterly unique and usually rely on specific facets of molecular and cellular biology, coming up with a way to easily communicate their value proposition can be difficult.

Microverse Studios is proud to fill this need. Because our animators have extensive and broad experience in the relevant fields of science along with world-class animation talent, we not only understand how our clients’ technologies work, but can also pass this information on in a way that easily engages with audiences, entertaining as well as educating. Our clients can provide their audience with a 2 minute video instead of a block of text on
a website or powerpoint diagrams.

Time and time again we are told by our clients how much our animations have helped them explain their technologies to investors and customers with efficiency and consistency and brand value that they could never match before.

Biological Dynamics

Cancer Screening with a Drop of Blood

What if, with just a drop of blood, one could detect not… More

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