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Biotechnology is one of the most prolific and varied industries in the world today, and it possesses unlimited potential for entrepreneurship and doing good in the world. However, because the myriad technologies coming to market are often utterly unique and usually rely on specific facets of molecular and cellular biology, coming up with a way to easily communicate their value proposition can be difficult.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Biotechnology animation is an effective way to illustrate the ins and outs of biotechnology and convey its importance to a wide audience in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. The value of cell biology animation for those in the biotechnology industry is that it can showcase complicated technologies in a comprehensive, cohesive way that no other medium can match.

Microverse Studios is proud to create accurate and impactful biotech animations for inventors in the biotechnology industry. Our talented team of animators has extensive and broad experience in the relevant fields of science along with world-class animation talent. We understand how our clients’ technologies work and can pass this information on in a way that’s entertaining, educational, and captures the audience’s attention. We handle every step of the biotechnology animation creation process, from storyboarding and scriptwriting to completion. Our services culminate in a short, one-of-a-kind molecular biology animation that our clients can email out, post on their website, and proudly show to the world. Our clients can provide their audience with a 2-minute video that grabs and holds their attention rather than a confusing and mundane block of text on your website or a generic PowerPoint diagram.

Time and time again we are told by our clients how much our biotechnology animations have helped them explain their technologies to investors and customers with efficiency and consistency and brand value that they could never match before.


Our Work

Award-winning voiceover by Paul Herzberg

AI Will Revolutionize Medicine

Generate: Biomedicines

Biotechnology is a field of vast growth, with new technologies emerging every day that are changing the way research is performed and medicine is practiced. A key moment in a new biotech company’s life cycle is when they are generating investment. Every audience interaction presents a limited amount of time to impress them enough to make them want to know more, and often the scientific story can be quite complicated.

Scientific animation is the perfect solution. A high-end biotechnology video with a well-written script can communicate all of the critical details in one or two minutes, and at the same time underscore the company’s brand and make a memorable impression. A tightly researched and accurate biotech animation with the highest production value will also develop and maintain viewer confidence.

Generate Biomedicines is the perfect example of how scientific animation can be an exceptional communications tool. They came to us with a story about how they’ve developed a machine learning platform that allows them to design molecules from scratch with whatever features they want. Our job was to examine their brand and create a visual language and structured story that could communicate the interface they’ve created between bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and real biology. The result was a massively award-winning short film that became a centerpiece for the communications efforts driving a $370M Series B round.

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