Mechanism of Disease (MOD) Animation

Sometimes, educational content can be beneficial when preparing for a product launch. One crucial market preparation tool is a Mechanism of Disease (MOD) animation, also known as a disease state scientific animation. MOD animations provide physicians, patients, and the educational groups that support them, with a brief, high-impact video that explains the root causes of a specific disease. Later, once the product is launched, the audience will already have a frame of reference for how the product interrupts the disease process. With greater understanding of the origin and progression of a disease, healthcare providers and patients can make more educated choices for treatment.

Because they’re such useful educational tools, mechanism of disease animations also tend to get a lot of distribution through sharing by individuals and organizations. This can help build brand awareness and improve visibility once a therapy comes to market. Because the audiences include healthcare providers and other scientific audiences, it’s important that the animators have a strong foundation in the science surrounding these stories to ensure accuracy and nuance. This is one reason that every animator at Microverse Studios has an advanced degree in medical illustration from an accredited university. Our team has a breadth of knowledge in animation in addition to the medicine and science fields, allowing us to portray the mechanism of disease of a drug accurately and concisely. We use the latest information and technologies to ensure our MOD animations are up to high industry standards. You can trust Microverse to deliver engrossing medically and scientifically accurate mechanism of disease videos that both educate and compel those who watch them.

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Familial Hypercholesterolemia


Mechanism of Disease videos are useful tools for raising awareness of the causes of disease, particularly when preparing markets for the release of new drugs or generating investment in research. They are research intensive projects, often requiring substantial deep-dives into literature surrounding multiple organ systems and molecular pathways, and rigorous standards of accuracy must be maintained.

Imagine having critically high cholesterol levels, regardless of medication and strictness of diet– cholesterol so bad that it pools under the skin and clogs the arteries from a young age. For people with a rare genetic disorder called familial hypercholesterolemia, this suffering is a reality.

Genzyme, in preparation to release the first-in-class antisense drug Kynamro to treat this disease, partnered with Microverse to build a simple animated teaching tool to help patients and healthcare professionals alike better understand the science at the root of familial hypercholesterolemia.

MoD video animations have lasting value. Since we produced this video in 2011, it’s been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, helping patients and their caregivers understand the science behind their disease.

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