Medical Motion Graphics

Not every story needs cinematic 3D animation. Some stories benefit more from slick, polished graphics that convey large amounts of high-level information in a short time and in an engaging and exciting way. Rather than focusing on the gritty details of molecular and cellular interactions, motion graphics tend to be more expository, discussing the value proposition and ramifications of technologies.

Another benefit to motion graphics is that it can communicate many different ideas in rapid-fire. Some stories are less about the specific interactions of molecules, and more about the interactions of people and technologies, or how the future is being shaped by today’s discoveries.

Microverse Studios has provided motion graphics videos to CRO, biotech, and pharma companies to help explain high-level scientific concepts quickly and succinctly. Our award-winning animators are always finding new styles and creative approaches to blend color, movement, text and design to captivate audiences and help our clients’ messages stand out.


Our Work


Synthorins: The Expanded Genetic Alphabet


When a story is more about the ramifications of a technology and its potential applications than how the technology works, often a shorter motion graphics piece is just what the job needs. Part of the reason is that motion graphics can remain broad in scope, quickly changing subjects and exploring the full contours of the story without getting bogged down in the fine details.

Sanofi needed just such a motion graphics video to help the general public understand the new technology they’d acquired, and what it meant for the future of therapeutics. The story wasn’t a straightforward molecular discussion about how DNA works, but more of a conceptual exploration about what it could mean for development of new therapies if we could expand the number of possible DNA “letters.” It was exactly right for a motion graphics treatment.

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