Mechanism of Action (MOA) Animation

The specific mechanism of action, or method of action (MOA) of a drug, can be complicated. At the level of molecules and cells, things become abstract, unlike anything the human mind evolved to understand. Simple diagrams or words can't do them justice. An MOA medical animation that tells the story visually can bridge this comprehension gap by showing as well as telling. The better quality the imagery, the more engaged the audience.

A pharmaceutical MOA animation is like the swiss-army-knife of communications tools. A single video will produce stills and short clips that can be extracted and used as part of in-person presentations such as sales or investor meetings. The entire video usually lives on the website, and always makes its way into expo booths. The animation can be seamlessly integrated onto a webpage, sent as a link via email, or embedded in a mobile app.

Beyond its broad-spectrum utility, the true value of a pharma MOA video is that it transforms a complicated story into a compelling narrative, providing a framework of understanding that will engage with the viewer and make a strong and lasting impression.

Our animators have advanced degrees and a deep understanding of and passion for life sciences. They are scientists and filmmakers; their scientific animations win actual film awards. They will dive deep into your science, using approaches grounded in cognitive science to develop imagery that is unlike anything else out there. We turn casual audiences into captive audiences.

Working with Microverse Studios is easy. We handle every step of video production, including concept development, storyboarding, music, narration, animation, and editing. We continuously align with you throughout the production process to ensure the final product matches your brand identity and meets every standard of quality-- yours and ours.

The end result is a medical animation that will make your story stand out in the noise, unforgettable and impossible to ignore.


Our Work


Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium

Paradigm Biopharma

Mechanism of action videos have to address a very specific set of concepts in order to be successful. They must explain what’s causing the disease on a cellular and molecular level, exactly how a therapy affects those pathways, and provide conceptual context that allows viewers to understand why this is important. At the same time, they need to speak at the viewer’s level, while incorporating story structure and all of the other cognitive tools Microverse Studios uses to engage and maintain viewer attention.

Paradigm knew they had to create an MOA video to explain the complicated mechanism of action of their flagship therapeutic, pentosan polysulfate sodium. They engaged with the award-winning branding agency Crash Bang Wallop, with whom we worked closely to stay aligned with the brand.

Many clients come to us with a very specific list of concepts they want conveyed, but Paradigm was a blank slate—they provided us with their scientific literature and asked us to put that list together for them. The end result was an award-winning MOA animation that served as a communications tool useful at every phase of drug launch.

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