Contract Research Organization (CRO) Animation

Contract Research Organizations provide research as a service, allowing companies to sidestep raising infrastructure investment in order to prosecute leads and develop their technologies at the break neck pace inherent in life sciences. As biotech and drug discovery advance, more and more specialized resources become available. The problem is that many of the modern research techniques in use today are half a century old or more, and there are better alternatives emerging all the time. CRO companies often offer unique combinations of services and expertise that would be prohibitively expensive for early-stage companies to bring in-house, and sometimes they offer completely novel technologies to gain scientific insights that are valuable in their own right.

By providing research as a service, CRO companies streamline scientific advancement. However, researchers tend to have trusted investigational approaches that they are comfortable with and that they know will get the job done. Clear communication is critical, so that researchers can easily and intuitively understand how a unique combination of expertise, service, and technology can take their discovery process to the next level.

Microverse Studios is proud to offer award-winning scientific animation to Contract Research Organizations, helping them stand out and ensuring that the unique value that they bring to the discovery process is unmistakable.


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Enabling Global Access to Lifesaving Therapeutics

Just Evotec Biologics

CRO areas of expertise can be quite eclectic, ranging from cell signaling to biomarker detection and identification to monoclonal antibody screening and manufacture. As science becomes more advanced, expertise and equipment becomes more specialized. Often, CRO’s become focused on specific research areas.

Just Evotec Bio is one such resource, allowing their partners to discover, develop, and manufacture antibodies for their targets on demand using their integrated, AI-driven platform. They needed a way to explain the whole story in minimal time, while also maximizing visual appeal. The challenge was visually and intuitively communicating the in silico evolution that their AI platform could achieve. Our artists worked closely with the client to iterate style development until imagery was produced that perfectly aligned with the scientific message and brand. The result was an award-winning centerpiece for their communications efforts.

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