Stephen Boyd

Senior Biomedical Animator

Early on, Stephen could not decide between a career in art, science, or nature. “Why not all of it?”, he thought, graduating in 2001 from The University of Georgia with majors in Scientific Illustration, Biology, and Ecology. Stephen received his Masters in Art as Applied to Medicine from Johns Hopkins University in 2004, and immediately began his career producing biomedical animation for medical and pharmaceutical clientele. With over 16 years of biomedical animation production experience, Stephen is passionate about bringing science and medicine to life through rich visuals and thoughtful cinematography, and he has used his diverse skillset to help generate award-winning animations seen at multiple SIGGRAPH and Association of Medical Illustrators conferences. Stephen lives just outside Atlanta and, when not working, he can be found exercising, getting destroyed by the AI in Civilization 6, or playing Pokemon TCG with his daughters.

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