AI Will Revolutionize Medicine

Mar 23rd, 2023

For Client: Generate: Biomedicines

Biotechnology is a field of vast growth, with new technologies emerging every day that are changing the way research is performed and medicine is practiced. Generate: Biomedicines and One Design Company partnered with Microverse Studios to produce a short animation that could communicate both the general idea and the specific applications of this technology, while capturing the spirit of discovery that it represents. Generate: Biomedicines had developed a machine learning platform that allows them to design molecules from scratch with whatever features they want. Our job was to examine their brand and create a visual language and structured story that could communicate the interface they’ve created between bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and real biology while also creating a sense of awe and wonder.

A key moment in a new biotech company’s life cycle is when they are generating investment. Every audience interaction presents a limited amount of time to impress them enough to make them want to know more, and often the scientific story can be quite complicated. The resulting short film became a centerpiece for their communications efforts, driving a $370M Series B round.

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