Clean Water and Targeted Nutrition: Making Farming Better for the Environment

Agranco Corporation USA develops game-changing agrochemical technologies that promote sustainability, increase biocapacity, and reduce ecological footprint of agricultural operations.

With a massive, international distribution across 5 continents, concise and consistent communication was key. Sales staff needed a tool that could quickly and easily explain their product in a way that could be intuitively understood.

A long search for a scientific animation company that could provide both guaranteed accuracy and an accessible price point to create an animation describing their sustained-release coating technology led to Microverse Studios.

After a brief scientific overview meeting, the animators at Microverse Studios performed their own research and read the relevant scientific papers to get up to speed on the details of the message they were going to tell. From there, the animators executed the project from concept development to final delivery, reviewing progress with the Agranco team at each milestone to ensure the project was on the proper course.

When the production process was finished, Agranco USA had a high-end sales tool in multiple languages that could be deployed in tradeshows and on any device, giving their product the clarity needed for it to be able to sell itself. It proved so successful for sales communications that Agranco went on to commission another animation to demonstrate their water treatment product as well.