Bausch & Lomb

Cutting Without a Blade: Using Fluid Dynamics to Make Eye Surgery Safer

Bausch & Lomb has a long history of innovating eye surgery, and the Vitesse Hypersonic Vitrectomy cutter is no exception. It is so unique, in fact, that it operates on completely different physical principles from traditional vitrectomy devices.

Traditional vitrectomy cutters use a high-speed guillotine to chop the loose connective tissue of vitreous humor before vacuuming it up. This causes vibrations that propagate through the vitreous humor and can cause damage to the retina. The Vitesse Hypersonic Vitrectomy cutter has no moving parts at its tip, instead using fluid dynamics to liquify material as the device moves through the space. This allows it to operate closer to the retina with less potential for damage.

With a worldwide launch coming up, Bausch & Lomb had a lot riding on their messaging. Vitesse needed visuals that would make their brand stand out in equal measure to their design innovation. After reviewing the scientific papers and speaking with Bausch & Lomb’s engineers, the team at Microverse Studios wrote a script and built an animation that perfectly captured the unique hydrodynamics at work in the device. It showed how Vitesse would make vitrectomy procedures safer for patients and easier for surgeons.

When the product launch finally came, audiences everywhere received a consistent and clear
explanation that showcased the Vitesse Hypersonic Vitrectomy cutter’s value.