A New Kind of Glue

Cohera Medical has developed a surgical sealant unlike any that has come before: TissuGlu. There are many tissue adhesives on the market, most of them fibrin based or cyanoacrilates (basically Krazy Glue). However, TissuGlu’s many unique features make it ideal for closing large-flap surgeries such as abdominoplasty, which can’t be done with other surgical sealants. This allows for faster and more active recovery, improving patient outcomes.

To prepare the market as TissuGlu made its way through clinical approval in the US and Europe, Cohera Medical needed a way to explain their product’s extensive improvement on surgical sealant technology, and to help surgeons understand that the surgical landscape was about to change forever.

After speaking with their product design engineers and chemists, the team at Microverse Studios did the necessary research to fully understand how the product worked, from the applicator’s function to the adhesive’s molecular mechanism of action.

With their scientific backgrounds and their extensive animation expertise, the animators at Microverse Studios produced an animation that encapsulated all of the key features of the product in a short film that could be distributed to any interested party, using clear language and visuals that could be understood by investors and surgeons alike.