Agrochemical Innovation In 3 Minutes or Less

Oro-Agri produces naturally derived agrochemical products for worldwide distribution, continually working to bring innovative and environmentally preferable crop protection and yield enhancing solutions to the marketplace.

The thing is, a lot of these products have very unique mechanisms of action. It’s these hard-to-explain details that set their products apart in the agrochemical industry.

Oro-Agri reached out to Microverse Studios, first for their PREVAM pesticide, miticide and fungicide, then again for their ORO-RZ soil treatment and NanoCal calcium enrichment products. In each case, the animators called upon their extensive backgrounds in biology, biochemistry and their talent for research to dig into the scientific details behind each product.

The science was woven into a narrative, and in each case a bold and unique style was developed to help make the story stand out wherever it was presented. In addition to being a consistent and compelling sales tool, the high production value characteristic of all Microverse Studios productions strengthened each brand.

Finally, because these animations were released worldwide, Microverse Studios managed the
translation for each video to ensure an easy deployment with minimum hassle for Oro Agri personnel. As always, Microverse Studios continues to make minor adjustments to these videos at low to no cost in order to help keep them up to date and consistent as new data about their products comes in.