Biotech Marketing: Capturing Attention With Video Content

Aug 8th, 2022
Biotech Marketing: Capturing Attention With Video Content

Biotechnology is a fast-growing industry, but many biotech companies struggle to convey their research and technology effectively to their audience. If you're having trouble attracting investors or buyers, learn how biotech companies can capture attention with video marketing and boost their reach, brand awareness, and sales.

Grow Your Reach

Did you know that pages with video content drive 300% more traffic than pages without? On top of that, video content decreases bounce rate and increases the amount of time a browser spends on your page. As a result, video content improves your SEO and expands your reach, making your company more visible to potential investors and buyers.

Attract Investors

Investors are busy people, and you don't want to lose their interest by boring them with a 100-slide PowerPoint or an hour-long oral presentation. Fortunately, biotech companies can capture investors' attention with video marketing. Presenting information about your company in a quick, concise manner is not only considerate of their time; it also shows them the value of your company candidly, making investors more likely to invest their time and money.

Boost Brand Awareness

Most people are better at remembering visual cues than verbal or written cues. By using videos, you can make a lasting impression on your audience, so they'll remember your company's name and what you do long-term.

Improve Engagement and Understanding

The biotech industry is intricate, and everyday consumers may struggle to understand it at times. Videos compress information into a short and absorbable format that makes even the most complex of issues easier to make sense of.

Want to use video content to expand your biotech firm's reach and brand awareness? Microverse is a full-service animation studio that specializes in biotech animation. Our team is made up of talented animators with Master's degrees in medical illustration. With vast experience in animation and knowledge of science, we can bring your ideas to life beautifully, informatively, and accurately. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


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