COUR Pharmaceuticals

COUR Pharmaceuticals asked Microverse Studios to produce a triplet of 2-minute mechanism of action animations describing different applications for their novel nanoparticle therapy, proven to re-program the immune system and potentially eliminate severe allergy, autoimmune disease, and the neutralizing antibody responses that cripple the effectiveness of gene therapies. As you can imagine, they had a… More


An Engineered Protein Unlocks New Potential Therapies Pieris has developed a new class of protein drug, called Anticalin, which can be engineered to bind to a multitude of potential therapeutic targets. This opens up the potential to develop therapies for a vast range of illnesses. Their first successes were in immuno-oncology and asthma, with each… More


Too Much of a Good Thing: Preventing Blindness due to Blood Vessel Overgrowth Diabetes can cause a lack of oxygen to the retina, which can initiate unwanted blood vessel growth and potentially cause blindness. Aerpio Pharmaceuticals has developed a compound that can stabilize this overgrowth, preventing more advanced stages of the disease. In order to… More