How to Build the Perfect Medical Animation Workstation

Article By: Cameron Slayden, M.S. Why Hardware Matters When Making Medical Animation Medical Animators are only as good as their scientific backgrounds, their skills, and their hardware. The first two take years of hard work and dedication to develop, but I can help you cheat and get the last one right the first time. You’ll… More

Scientific Animation: Surgeon or Witch Doctor?

Let’s say (hypothetically) that your company is looking for a vendor to produce scientific animation to describe the details of an important technology. How do you choose the right animation firm? I might get myself in trouble for saying this, but considering how important the message you’re conveying is, you’ll do well to separate the… More

Medical Animation: Hacking the Brain

The brain is a tricky machine to hack, but there are ways to optimize a medical animation to reach deep into the minds of viewers. To do this, one needs to understand how the brain absorbs information. Someone once told me never to trust animation companies that charge per-minute for animation, that they would make… More

Pharmaceutical Animation- Maximize Your Mileage

So you decided to have a pharmaceutical animation or other scientific animation produced by a high-end biomedical 3D animation company. You committed tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to the project, depending on your vendor. You know you’ve made the right decision, but are you going to get everything out of it you… More

Scientific Animations are Boring

It’s a frequent perception: scientific animations are cold, clinical and technical. But what if they were truly as amazing as the science they describe? By using a few simple tricks from the realm of neuropsychology, your scientific animation can be not only informative, but mind-blowing. With the right techniques, an animation can specifically target the… More