Curing Mutation by Splicing RNA

Jan 28th, 2023

For Client: Ascidian Therapeutics 

Mutated genes cause a vast variety of diseases by producing poorly functional proteins. Often the genes are too large to be able to deliver a complete replacement copy to cells, making gene therapy impossible. Ascidian has pioneered a method to identify where a gene is mutated, and only replace that part. This smaller component of the gene can fit into standard gene delivery vehicles, allowing the body’s own gene splicing machinery to make the repair and produce healthy protein.

The technology is based on genetic features of an undersea creature known as ascidians, or “sea squirts.” To produce this mechanism of action animation, we let deep sea themes guide our choices for color, illumination and movement, taking inspiration from jellyfish and other undersea life to guide the aesthetic, all while keeping the actual structures and molecular events scientifically accurate as is always critical in medical animation.

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