Discover ResolveOME: The Next Step in Cancer Research

Jan 28th, 2023

For Client: BioSkryb Genomics

Cancer is the result of evolution on a cellular scale, selecting for ever more successful traits of survival, proliferation, and mobility. A single sample from a tumor can contain hundreds of thousands of cells, each one containing mutations and gene expression patterns that are the result of its own unique lineage within the tumor. Samples are destroyed as they are analyzed, and so any information not captured is lost forever. Conventional methods that probe single cells reveal only a tiny portion of the genomes, missing important information that could otherwise drive valuable insights. ResolveOME combines a unique method of measuring every cell in a sample, quantifying not only its genome and mutation profile, but also its entire transcriptome—that is, how genes are being expressed. All of this data is analyzed by BioSkryb’s Base Jumper software to provide previously impossible deep insights into how cancer develops, hides from the immune system, and responds to therapies and changes in its environment.

The story is about BioSkryb’s ability to peer inside otherwise simplistic cell samples to see the galaxy of valuable information inside. To produce this scientific animation for such a unique CRO, the team at Microverse Studios made use of light and color to drive the sense of biological shapes giving way to electric data, while motifs of sparks and stars communicate the sheer volume of valuable information to be accessed in every cell.

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