Five Ways to Get Eyes on Your Scientific Animation

Dec 6th, 2022
People stare mesmerized at a glowing scientific video

Image source: Midjourney

The verdict is in: People prefer video to text, and for good reason. The majority of us are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to our brains is graphic in nature. We process pictures 60,000 times faster than text, and not only do we understand concepts quicker when presented visually, we retain their lessons by more than 85%. Done, sold. Video content is king, so it’s a given that smart companies choose animation to tell their complex scientific stories. But once you have this magic content in hand, how do you make sure people see it?

1. Post It to Make the Most of It

There’s no doubt your animation should be posted through all official company channels, but we love the idea of leadership encouraging employees and partners to share it on their personal accounts. A stellar Mechanism of Action or Medical Device animation is the perfect way for people to show their network what they’ve been working on, and allowing them to share on their preferred platforms in a way that feels natural will deliver broader reach and generate genuine excitement. Don’t forget, promoting your content through the human channels of your organization always yields the most authentic results.

2. Now Screening…

Like moths to flames, humans are unfailingly drawn to screens. Take advantage of this by displaying your animation on the many screens throughout the office and beyond. From video walls behind your CEO’s conference keynote or investor talk to monitors in lobbies and meeting rooms to employees’ virtual video backgrounds on Zoom. If there’s a screen for people to see, make sure that animation is playing. People are naturally curious, so the more visibility your animation is given, the more opportunities you’ll encounter to talk about your groundbreaking science.

3. Embrace the QR Code

Quick Response (QR) codes are the fastest path from print to screen, and with a smartphone in every pocket, your animation can be playing in a matter of seconds. Generate a custom QR Code using a variety of providers, both free and paid, and include your scan code on marketing collateral, patient education pieces, product packaging, posters, business cards, you name it. Think of your scientific animation as the superhero who swoops in to demonstrate your value to partners, and your QR code as the Bat-Signal in the sky.

4. Enter the Livestream

Nothing beats the engagement of livestreaming. It’s like going live on TV direct to your audience, only you get to interact with them, answer questions, react to their comments, forging connections no other medium can deliver. Using your scientific animation as the centerpiece of your livestream is an aces way to get comfortable with the medium while touting the prowess of your product. Leaders from every department can leverage the animation’s powerful storytelling to communicate their value, pausing to expound on a topic, and answering questions afterwards for a global audience. Every major social media platform offers a free livestreaming service, so set your date, invite your network, and put your animation to work.

5. Don’t Forget the IRL

With all the incredible tech connecting us virtually, it’s sometimes easy to forget good old-fashioned in-person meetings. Your scientific animation remains the single most effective visual aid you can use at investor presentations, sales pitches, and other mission-critical events. Every pitch and presentation has its own unique angle, so don’t be afraid to slice the animation to fit your narrative like a glove. You’ve invested a lot to produce a world-class visual asset, and most animation studios worth their salt will be happy to produce clips and alternate
edits for free. As a client-centered agency, we certainly do.


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