How Cell and Molecular Biology Animations are Advancing Outreach to Healthcare Providers

Apr 21st, 2023
cell biology animation, molecular biology animation

Given their busy workloads and the breathtaking pace of scientific advancement, healthcare providers (HCPs) aren’t always aware of the latest research or educated about breakthrough therapies and devices. These constraints demand the most efficient and effective modes of communication for HCP outreach, and medical animation fits the bill. Cell and molecular biology animations, both just two of the many types of medical animation today, are the best way to fully and effectively visualize complex biological processes happening at the microscopic level for audiences with standard technological knowhow, and video remains the optimal medium for packing the most information into the shortest amount of time in the user experience.

Here are a few ways 3D medical animation services are advancing outreach to HCPs:

Cell and Molecular Biology Animation Helps Healthcare Providers Fill in Knowledge Gaps

The rapid acceleration of medical science, particularly in genomics, immunotherapy, and personalized medicine make it nearly impossible for physicians to keep pace. A 2020 study in rare diseases found that nearly two-thirds of respondents were unaware of FDA-approved gene therapy options in their field of practice, and studies surrounding COVID outreach dug deep on HCP education, concluding that pharmaceutical companies need to help maintain momentum and focus on a digital mindset by prioritizing HCP requests and generating high-quality, bite-sized, and compliant education.

The versatility and accessibility of video content, when combined with the specialized science behind cell and molecular biology animation, makes it the optimal medium for ongoing HCP education. Video content delivers better information retention and comprehension while allowing maximum flexibility for viewing. Video is also the best learning tool for information retention because it combines auditory and visual stimuli, catering to various learning styles and enhancing engagement. The dynamic nature of video content allows for the seamless integration of storytelling, demonstrations, and real-life examples, making complex topics more relatable and easier to understand.

And unlike printed material, which can be time-consuming to absorb and easy to misplace, medical animations are accessible online via any device, and can be easily shared in any electronic communications medium. Busy workdays often demand HCPs to consume educational material on their own time, and having this content in their pocket goes a long way to ensuring they will watch it. Moreover, videos offer the possibility to pause, rewind, and rewatch content, enabling learners to review and consolidate information at their own pace, ultimately improving retention.

Cell and Molecular Biology Animation Helps Healthcare Providers Better Educate Their Patients

Doctors aren’t the only ones that can benefit from medical animation’s accessibility, versatility, and superior ability to communicate complex concepts in a visual, easy to understand format. Patients, the very people for whom these scientific breakthroughs are made, stand to benefit in several ways.

Research consistently shows that patient engagement and investment in treatment as well as strong support networks lead to better outcomes. And, unfortunately, time spent with one’s physician is at a premium in today’s medical environment due to physician shortages and increasing healthcare costs. Arming HCPs with high-quality animations improves HCP-patient relations and empowers providers to help patients make better, more informed decisions about treatments while helping them optimize time with their patients.

Additionally, these videos conform with the way we consume information today. Healthcare providers and patients can view these cell and molecular biology animations on their phones, tablets, or computers anytime and anywhere, and even share with patients’ families and support networks.

Cell and Molecular Biology Animations Increase HCP Confidence in Prescribing Therapies

These specialized medical animations instill confidence in providers by allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the groundbreaking science behind therapies proposed, and in turn, allow them to impart better understanding to their patients. By keeping HCPs current on advancements in therapy and research, cell and molecular biology animations reassure doctors that they are prescribing the most appropriate and effective treatments available for their patients. This reassurance extends past prescribing physicians. Patients with more complex issues often have teams of doctors. These visual aids can help clarify ambiguities and ensure a consistent understanding across healthcare teams with various specializations.

Furthermore, confident providers create hopeful patients, and a patient’s state of mind is essential to overall health and positive outcomes.

Because health care providers have a high degree of understanding of the science in their field, accuracy and visual production quality are critical to maintaining HCP interest. And while many artists trained in 3D animation may produce beautiful visuals, medical animators are trained in both animation and the deep science necessary to merge both disciplines most effectively and accurately.

If you are in need of educational content for patients or healthcare providers, we would love to set up a 15-30 minute call to discuss your project.


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