Microverse Studios Wins Four Awards at the 2023 Association of Medical Illustrators Salon

Jul 21st, 2023
Four Medical Animation Images from AMI Wins 2023

Microverse was recognized with four honors at the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) annual conference this year. This recognition underscores the studio's commitment to delivering high-quality, scientifically accurate, and aesthetically compelling medical animations that provide value and contribute to advancements in the medical and scientific community.

Medical Animation Awards

Molecular Simulation for Novel Drug Discovery

Award of Excellence

Professional Motion and Interactive Media

Ventus Therapeutics

Stephen Boyd, one of the studio's talented medical animators, received two Awards of Excellence for his elegant work this year. The first animation, The "Molecular Simulation for Novel Drug Discovery" for Ventus Therapeutics, describes how they simulate how water interacts with the binding pockets on a protein's surface, and then use that data to identify the best possible binders for that pocket from a library of trillions of known molecules. This is the second medical animation commissioned by the Ventus team.

Ventus Therapeutics is focused on discovering and developing novel medicines by targeting protein homeostasis. Recognizing the challenges associated with targeting traditionally undruggable proteins, Ventus leverages proprietary structural biotechnology platforms to access these therapeutic targets. Their mission centers on tapping into the unexplored potential of these difficult-to-drug proteins, aiming to create innovative treatments for a wide range of diseases.

Discover ResolvOME: The Next Step in Cancer Research

Award of Excellence

Professional Motion and Interactive Media

BioSkryb Genomics

Stephen received his second Award of Excellence for "Discover ResolveOME: The Next Step in Cancer Research" for BioSkryb Genomics. This multi-award-winning medical animation showcases what Microverse Studios can do for the Contract Research Organization community. "Discover ResolvOME" describes their integrated discovery package that analyzes not only genome, but transcriptome of each individual cell in a sample. By doing so, they can gain deep insights about how cancers respond to therapies. This is the third of three animations BioSkryb has awarded to Microverse Studios.

BioSkryb Genomics is a biotechnology company that focuses on advancing genomic research and healthcare. With its proprietary Primary Template-directed Amplification (PTA) technology, the company seeks to generate high fidelity, high-resolution genomic data. This technology enables more accurate single-cell DNA sequencing and better characterization of the vast genomic diversity across different samples. Their mission revolves around ensuring that researchers and clinicians can access accurate genomic information to propel advances in disease understanding and treatment.

Optics-Free Cell Imaging at Scale

Award of Excellence

Professional Motion and Interactive Media


Molly Huttner, another pivotal member of the Microverse Studios team, received an Award of Excellence for her biotech animation "Optics-Free Cell Imaging at Scale" for CytoTronics. This is the second CytroTronics production entrusted to Microverse. The animation explains their use of an ultra-high resolution nano-scale CMOS chip to read cell activity, and outlines their plans to do so at large scale in order to allow massively multiplexed data collection, enabling never-before-possible insights that will drive the next wave of drug discovery.

CytoTronics is at the forefront of bioelectronic medicine, aiming to provide novel therapeutic solutions. Their advanced bioelectronic devices and systems are tailored for real-time monitoring and modulation of cellular functions in a controlled manner. By delivering precise electrical signals to cells, they gather multiple types of data and can influence cellular behaviors and functions. The company's vision encompasses a future where bioelectronics plays a pivotal role in treating diseases, rehabilitating patients, and advancing the overall quality of life.

Programming the Pharmacophore

Award of Merit

Professional Motion and Interactive Media

Metaphore Biotechnologies

Finally, Cameron Slayden was honored with an Award of Merit for "Programming the Pharmacore" created for Metaphore Biothechnologies. This biotech animation describes how their new MIMiC™ platform predicts and defines the entire pharmacophore, or pocket-binder interface of a target interaction. Using this information, they then use AI and machine learning to design new binding peptides with more desirable features.

Metaphore Biotechnologies is a pioneering company in the realm of computational biology that blends machine learning and AI-guided molecular design with wet-lab gene expression and analysis. Their MIMiC™ platform drives unprecedented insights into molecular interactions to design new molecules precisely tuned for therapeutic benefit.

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