Microverse Studios Wins One Grand and Three Gold NYX Video Awards

May 10th, 2021

The prestigious NYX Video Awards, an International Award Associate (IAA) program, honor excellence in marketing, communications and video concepts. Microverse Studios received one grand and three gold honors this year.

The winning entries were judged impartially by a group of esteemed videography and marketing professionals. IAA selected a panel of international judges in the adjudication process, adhering to a strict code of excellence. The 2021 NYX Awards panel comprise 40 professionals of various disciplines from 22 countries, and from large and small agencies, embracing diversity from all corners of the world.

Check out the following award-winning animations directly on the NYX Video Awards site!

Using AI to Create Medicines Unlike Any That Have Ever Existed

Generate: Biomedicines

Grand Winner

iFuse Torq Imlant System


Gold Winner

Enabling Global Access to Lifesaving Therapeutics

Just Evotec Biologics

Gold Winner

A Virus that Kills Cancer


Gold Winner


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