Microverse Studios Wins Three Grand Awards at the 2023 NYX Video Awards

Mar 31st, 2023
NYX-Video-Awards-2023-award announcement

Every entry submitted by Microverse Studios to this year's NYX Video Awards has won top honors. The animations awarded represent some of our very best work for a diverse body of clients, including the agricultural, contract research and health & beauty industries.

The NYX Awards is a leading international awards program that recognizes, celebrates, and provides acknowledgment favoring all who possess extraordinary caliber across all facets of industries and mediums, specifically in the fields of marketing, communication, advertising, creativity, public relations, graphic design, print, digital, video, and audio. NYX simulates monumental achievements of boundless industries, viewed as a symbol of the highest standards for those who bear it.

This season, the award received over 1,500 entries from a diverse range of professionals in specialized fields spanning various countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Germany, and many more. The sheer number and quality of the submissions demonstrated the incredible talents and visions of the creative industry. Jurors represented professionals from their respective fields, and included Masanori Eto (Japan), Markus Pargfrieder (Austria), Vitaliy Yakin (United States), Jimmy Landaburu (Ecuador), Ronn Lee (China), Patrizia Burra (Italy), and others.

Check out our winning entries below!

Using Water to Design Medicines

Grand Winner

Video / Web Based Productions - Medical

Ventus Therapeutics

The Science of Sugaring Hair Removal – The Kennedy Theory®

Grand Winner

Video / Web Based Productions - Beauty & Cosmetics

Alexandria Professional®

On-Demand Breeding

Grand Winner

Video / Web Based Productions - Agricultural

Sound Agriculture

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