Microverse Wins Gold at 2021 MUSE Creative Awards: Season 2

Oct 13th, 2021
Muse creative awards gold win 2021 announcement

We are pleased to announce that Microverse has won gold again this year for a medical device animation in the MUSE Creative Award's Second Season for Molly Huttner's work on SI-BONE's iFuse Torq Implant System. MUSE honors creatives all over the world for their work via blind judging by over 40 international jurors. This is our third win so far.

We are especially proud of this multi-award-winning piece as it is a perfect example of what Microverse can do in the marketing sphere. The animation was so successful, in fact, that SI-BONE requested additional footage that included other products. It seems that, after viewing this animation, SI-BONE clients wanted iFuse Torq even when one of their other treatments was more appropriate. And so we are forced to ask, can a marketing product be too successful?

Check out our winning animation on the MUSE site here.

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