Pharmaceutical Animation- Maximize Your Mileage

May 21st, 2016
clot scene from pharmaceutical animation

So you decided to have a pharmaceutical animation or other scientific animation produced by a high-end biomedical 3D animation company. You committed tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to the project, depending on your vendor. You know you've made the right decision, but are you going to get everything out of it you can?

Here’s a hint: with animation, the sum of its parts is greater than the whole.

More Than Just an Animation

When we produce pharmaceutical animation or other scientific videos at Microverse Studios, it’s with the specific intent that the animation is going to be used by our clients across all media types. Animation is made to be seen. If you’ve chosen a high-end scientific animation company for your project, you’ll more than likely end up with imagery that your team can really be proud of.

Stills from the video can be used as scientific illustrations in print, on the web, and in presentations. Short sequences can be pulled out and delivered to media outlets. The video can be re-edited to reach alternative audiences. This is a free part of the package we offer– and it’s why every frame of our animation is carefully planned and composed for maximum impact.

The Final Polish for Your Brand

You paid good money to make sure that your MOA video or technology explainer animation was created by scientist animators, who would get to know the science as well as you do. You chose a team of visual storytellers that would convey your science with beauty and nuance. Take that video, and use the parts of it everywhere you can. When you do this, animation is much more than a moving diagram; it becomes a major pillar supporting your branding efforts.

Use images from it to tie together your brand identity in all of your communications, including the website and print collateral. Your favorite stills can easily be turned into an 8×10′ backdrop for your conference or tradeshow booth, or printed for use as a corporate mural at your office entrance.

Have your web developers and commercialization specialists use the animation imagery instead of stock art to accompany their collateral.

When executed correctly, pharmaceutical animation brings with it not only immediate benefit as a presentation for partners, investors, and/or HCPs, but also creates impact across all communications efforts. Choose the right vendor, and you will have an enduring showpiece that generates confidence in your brand.

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