The Science of Sugaring Hair Removal - The Kennedy Theory®

Jan 28th, 2023

For Client: Alexandria Professional ®

The founder of Alexandria Professional, Lina Kennedy, has decades of empirical evidence showing that her method of hair removal using sugar works permanently in all skin and hair types, but no scientific studies have been performed to explain the mechanism of action. She approached Microverse Studios to help identify the potential microanatomical factors that underly sugaring’s effectiveness, and assemble a cohesive theory to help explain how her technique works. The team at Microverse Studios performed extensive literature research and consulted with an MD/PhD content expert to verify our findings, and then performed live experiments to gather microscopic evidence to support our hypothesis. The end result was a film that explained from start to finish how and why sugaring with proper technique and timing can achieve such remarkable results.

Up-close imagery of skin and hair can easily be visually repelling if one isn’t careful, and so to create the mechanism of action video, the creative team utilized stained glass, paper mâché, and floral motifs to help abstract and beautify the imagery while keeping structures and metabolic processes accurate as is always critical in medical animation.

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