The Top 6 Medical Animation Companies of 2023

Top 6 Medical Animation Companies animators in a studio

By Olivia Slayden

So your biotech platform is finally at a point where you're ready to look for the next phase of investment. Your drug is approaching commercialization. Your device is ready to hit the market. Now is the time to use the most effective communications tool at your disposal: medical animation.

I love what we do, and I’m very proud of how well we do it, but our efforts are far from solitary. Over two decades in the industry, I've seen quite a few new medical animation companies pop up. Makes sense. Scientific discovery is not only accelerating, but is also becoming increasingly complex.

And if you've ever needed to explain a complex new technology, I suspect you've experienced first-hand how difficult it can be to bridge the gap between your lab and your audience.

I also understand that finding the right fit is critical when choosing a partner. With so much at stake, it’s important to choose a medical animation studio that will do a great job.

In the spirit of unity and shared admiration, I have created a list of my six favorite medical animation companies.

I do not recommend these studios to merely compare us to lesser companies in order to make ourselves look better. No, these are medical animation companies that I would trust to do a beautiful job of explaining complex scientific concepts. I have my reputation to think of, after all. 

But before we dive into my list, I believe it’s important to outline the criteria that set a top-tier medical animation company apart from the others. This will ensure you know what to look for when doing your own research.

What Makes a Medical Animation Company Stand Out?

In my experience, a top medical animation studio provides high production quality, scientific accuracy, a scientifically educated workforce, and personal attention to clients' needs.

Production Quality

Let’s get this one out of the way first. Like all products and services, medical animations come in varying levels of quality. The best medical animation companies will always create artwork that is visually exceptional. They do this with the use of cutting-edge technology, creativity, and a keen eye for what makes a stunning visual.

Before signing with a medical animation company, I invite you to look closely at the various medical animation styles out there. You will quickly notice that some are more cinematic while others are less visually developed.

Scientific Accuracy

You have likely heard the old adage, “Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.” Well, not in scientific animation. For a scientifically literate audience, even a minor oversight or error can be intolerable.

Top medical animation companies understand the value of upholding the highest standards. They know it's critical, in fact. You can’t let anything slip.

Scientifically Educated Artists

The best medical animation companies employ teams that not only have artistic skills but also have extensive knowledge of biological sciences and medicine. This blend of expertise allows for the creation of medical animations that are not only visually compelling but also scientifically accurate and nuanced.

Top medical animation studios specifically hire artists with master’s degrees in medical illustration and animation. This area of study not only focuses on the techniques used in medical art, but also includes anatomy, physiology, molecular and cellular biology, and even surgical classes taken alongside medical students.

Please trust me when I tell you that you will do far less hand-holding, and waste far less time and money, if you hire medically-trained artists from the beginning.

Personal Attention

Finally, I believe that a personalized approach towards the customer's needs is essential. This means maintaining regular communication and providing custom solutions for unique scientific concepts and brand identities.

Clients sometimes assume that finding a larger agency is an easy way to satisfy their requirements. While their numbers may create an illusion of greater experience or proficiency, I’ve observed that 100-person studios sometimes have difficulty maintaining a consistent standard of quality.

Simply put, you may get their A team… or you may not.

Look for a diversity of styles. These will show that they treat every project as its own adventure, including yours!

Now that I’ve outlined what I believe makes a top medical animation company, let's dive into the six medical animation companies that, in my opinion, provide exceptional value to their customers based on the above criteria.

The Best Medical Animation Studios


iSO-FORM specializes in creating engaging and scientifically accurate 3D animations, illustrations, and interactivity. They are well known for customer care and attention to detail.

The iSO-FORM team is composed of medical illustrators, animators, developers, and scientific advisors. This ensures a balanced combination of creativity and scientific accuracy.

Rad Science, a part of Real Chemistry, is known for its high production quality and attention to scientific accuracy.

Their skilled medical artists deliver animations that are visually captivating yet grounded in the latest scientific research. Many major pharmaceutical companies trust them to deliver unique branded experiences.

Vessel Studios is a medical animation company that values creativity and personal attention to their clients' needs, and have a reputation for pushing the envelope with new looks that stand out in the crowd.

Vessel's team of medical illustrators and animators make bold artistic decisions without sacrificing scientific accuracy, and 100% of their artists have advanced degrees.

MadMicrobe Studios stands out for its high, cinematic production value.

Their high production quality and commitment to scientific accuracy have made them a popular choice. MadMicrobe's focus on creating a cinematic experience for their audiences has led them to create work across a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, device, and even broadcast media.

Hybrid Medical Animation excels at giving clients the personal attention they need, and pride themselves in being both technically accurate and visually dramatic.

Their medical animations are known for their high production quality and scientific accuracy, thanks to their educated workforce.

XVIVO is a well-known medical animation company that's been around for many years. They combine high production quality with an educated workforce.

The team at XVIVO can turn your scientific discoveries into clear and accurate medical animations, illustrations, and interactive programs.

Where to Go From Here

While each medical animation company I've listed is unique, they all share a commitment to providing quality medical animations that effectively communicate complex medical concepts.

I encourage you to reach out to them directly to determine if they’re a good fit for you.

Please keep in mind that a fully-developed medical animation can take months from storyboard to final delivery. Simpler stories may take less. Either way, it’s best to reach out as early as possible to meet your deadlines.

And in the same spirit of innovation and storytelling, our team is also ready and eager to help bring your scientific and brand narratives to life. We're not just creators. We're collaborators that gleefully discuss breakthroughs in science and 3D technology in our spare time. 

If you're curious about how we can enrich your scientific narrative with our unique skill set, get in touch. You may do so via our contact form to set up a brief 15-30 minute conversation.

Hopefully, you will give us the opportunity to turn your technology into a compelling medical animation. At the very least, perhaps you can teach us something new.

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Olivia Slayden

As Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Microverse Studios, Olivia Slayden brings her innovative perspective to the team, constantly challenging the status quo to differentiate Microverse Studios in a competitive medical communications landscape. She is recognized for her strategic thinking, attention to detail, and creative problem-solving. In her spare time, Olivia loves staying updated on industry trends and sharing her insights through the Microverse Studios blog.

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