What To Look For When Choosing Medical Animators

Jul 27th, 2022
What To Look For When Choosing Medical Animators

A medical animation can help you convey an idea or showcase a product in a way that's engaging and easy for viewers to understand. But if you want your animation to be high-quality, eye-catching, and informative, choosing the right medical animator is key. If you're wondering what to look for when choosing a medical animator to work with, here are the top five factors you should consider during your search.

Experience & Skill

While experience doesn't always equate to skill, animators with more experience in the industry tend to understand more, communicate better, and produce higher-quality deliverables. Because they've been doing this kind of work for years, it's second nature to them! Generally, the more educated and experienced your team of animators are, the better off you'll be.


In the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical industries, accuracy is paramount. It doesn't matter how beautiful an animation is—if it's full of glaring scientific inaccuracies, that's all anyone will see. For this reason, you should look for animators that have a thorough understanding of not just animation, but science and medicine as well. An animator that understands the mechanisms behind a product or concept will be able to portray it much more accurately than someone who has limited knowledge of the subject.


Quality is another thing to look for when choosing a medical animator. Looks aren't everything, but a high-quality animation will undoubtedly turn more heads than an outdated, low-resolution animation. To gauge the quality of a company's work, browse through their portfolio and take a gander at what they’ve done in the past.

At Microverse, we use the latest technologies to improve the quality of our animations. We're always looking to the future and exploring what’s new in the animation world. With us, you can expect top-quality results.

Type of Animation

Just because a company does animation doesn't mean they do all kinds of animation. Different studios specialize in different forms of this visual art, so make sure the one you choose has the skills needed to pull off your vision. Ideally, you should look for a company that specializes in medical animation. Regular animation studios may not have the tools and knowledge to accommodate your needs, and as a result, you may face issues like deadline pushbacks. Using a medical animation studio ensures you won’t run into these problems.

Additionally, consider the animation studio’s style. Many studios have an animation style that they’re known for and that people can easily recognize. However, if you use these studios, know that your animation may look the same as many other businesses’ animations. If you want a more personalized style, Microverse can create a one-of-a-kind video that sets your brand apart.


There's nothing more nerve-racking than hiring a company for an animation, having them tell you, “We got this," and then not hearing from them again for weeks. In situations like these, you can't help but wonder, "Am I getting scammed?" "What are they doing?" "Is the final product going to turn out okay?" This is why choosing a medical animator who values communication is crucial. A communicative company will never leave you in the dark. They'll keep you in the loop about your project so you never have to worry.

Microverse Studios is a full-service medical animation studio that can create informative and attention-grabbing pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device animations for clients. All our animators have master's degrees in medical illustration from accredited universities. They take classes with the medical students as well as various art classes geared toward portraying medical topics properly. Many of our animators are also involved in advancing the community. We want to use animation to better the world, so you can rely on us to always go the extra mile to make things perfect. You can feel confident that our animations will accurately show off products and concepts in the way you want them to be seen. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your vision!

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