Why Add MoA Video to Your Pharma Marketing Strategy

Oct 20th, 2022

Your therapy is approaching FDA approval, and the time is coming when you’ll need investors, pharmaceutical partners, heathcare providers and patients to understand its value and how it works. Your website has diagrams and a text breakdown of your mechanism of action, but is that the best way to communicate to them? You can be certain that these busy audiences are only willing to spend a limited amount of time receiving your message, and that there will be a strong tendency to scroll until they find something of interest. These two basic features of human nature are why you should add MoA video to your pharma marketing strategy.

The Most Optimized Form of Communication

Animation that is carefully designed to take advantage of multiple learning pathways in the brain creates the perfect conduit of scientific information that might otherwise make an audience’s eyes glaze over, particularly if they aren’t steeped in the scientific context of the therapy’s mechanism of action.

With a sufficiently well-developed production value, the cognitive reflex of curiosity can be triggered, giving your information the sensation of being important information to viewers. Rather than a wall of text or a diagram, the first thing a visitor sees on the website or in your booth on the expo floor can be a visual that is so enticing that they absolutely have to watch to see what it all means.

Kinesthetic, auditory and visual pathways are all activated when an animation is built to be immersive, easing the information into the mind and optimizing attention and memory recall of your story. A great deal of understanding naturally takes place when actually watching molecular and cellular events play out.

It Simplifies the Experience of Learning Complex Medical Information

Sometimes these MoA animations can be called pharmaceutical explainer videos, and for good reason. These videos break down multiple types of information and deliver them linearly and structured into a narrative that helps build the context and value of the information, making the story of the drug mechanism easier to absorb understand.

It Builds a Framework of Understanding

Provided it’s produced in a way that commands attention and clearly communicates the message, a two- to three-minute video can provide viewers with enough information, both visually and within the narration, to give them a core understanding of the scientific concepts at work. A drug’s method of action video will include important context such as molecular and cellular interactions, as well as its effect on entire systems in order to drive the story of its ramifications for patients and healthcare providers.

This creates a foundation of knowledge the viewer that allows them to more readily understand and absorb more in-depth information found elsewhere on the website and in interactions with your outreach campaign.

High Production Value MoA Videos Drive Confidence

Whether your therapy is entering a saturated market or is a first-in-class novel therapeutic, how your brand carries itself has a strong effect on your audience. Your brand represents your approach to drug development. Is it clean, crisp, and polished? Or is it a loose collection of unrelated elements? Is it bottom dollar?

In addition to commanding attention and optimizing information uptake, medical animation created to be both beautiful and scientifically accurate drives confidence in your brand and underscores the credibility of your message and the value of what your drug or technology brings to the table.

Adding MoA video is the perfect way to augment every aspect of a pharma marketing campaign: Brand recognition and confidence, scientific understanding, and value comprehension, and it does this faster than reading, faster than interactivity, faster even than face-to-face explanation.

Now that you know why medical animation is so valuable for pharmaceutical messaging, find out more about why Microverse Studios is the best provider for this service!

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