Amanda Manowski

Biomedical Animator

Amanda was introduced to the world of science and medicine as a medical textile engineer, where she developed machinery and materials over the course of seven years. Inspired by the concepts of form and function, she obtained her bachelor's degree in Scientific Illustration from the University of Georgia, and subsequently earned a Master of Science in Medical Illustration from Augusta University. She has created resources for the Children's Hospital of Georgia and the Georgia Museum of Natural History. Her work has been accepted to the Fernbank Science Center, and she has received recognition in the W3 Media Awards and the MUSE Awards. Amanda is passionate about education. She serves as the Scientific Illustration teacher at the University of Georgia and assists students from the Augusta University Medical Illustration Graduate Program in learning animation. Amanda currently resides in Athens, Georgia with her dogs, Mystery Meat and Juniper. She enjoys playing video games, making furniture, gardening, and practicing archery.

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