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Mechanism of Action (MOA) Animation

The specific mechanism of action, or method of action (MOA) of a drug, can be complicated. At the level of molecules and cells, things become abstract, unlike anything the human mind evolved to understand. Simple diagrams or words can't do them justice. An MOA medical animation that tells the story visually can bridge this comprehension gap by showing as well as telling. The better quality the imagery, the more engaged the audience.

A pharmaceutical MOA animation is like the swiss-army-knife of communications tools. A single video will produce stills and short clips that can be extracted and used as part of in-person presentations such as sales or investor meetings. The entire video usually lives on the website, and always makes its way into expo booths. The animation can be seamlessly integrated onto a webpage, sent as a link via email, or embedded in a mobile app.

Beyond its broad-spectrum utility, the true value of a pharma MOA video is that it transforms a complicated story into a compelling narrative, providing a framework of understanding that will engage with the viewer and make a strong and lasting impression.

Our animators have advanced degrees and a deep understanding of and passion for life sciences. They are scientists and filmmakers; their scientific animations win actual film awards. They will dive deep into your science, using approaches grounded in cognitive science to develop imagery that is unlike anything else out there. We turn casual audiences into captive audiences.

Working with Microverse Studios is easy. We handle every step of video production, including concept development, storyboarding, music, narration, animation, and editing. We continuously align with you throughout the production process to ensure the final product matches your brand identity and meets every standard of quality-- yours and ours.

The end result is a medical animation that will make your story stand out in the noise, unforgettable and impossible to ignore.

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Mechanism of Disease (MOD) Animation

Sometimes, educational content can be beneficial when preparing for a product launch. One crucial market preparation tool is a Mechanism of Disease (MOD) animation, also known as a disease state scientific animation. MOD animations provide physicians, patients, and the educational groups that support them, with a brief, high-impact video that explains the root causes of a specific disease. Later, once the product is launched, the audience will already have a frame of reference for how the product interrupts the disease process. With greater understanding of the origin and progression of a disease, healthcare providers and patients can make more educated choices for treatment.

Because they’re such useful educational tools, mechanism of disease animations also tend to get a lot of distribution through sharing by individuals and organizations. This can help build brand awareness and improve visibility once a therapy comes to market. Because the audiences include healthcare providers and other scientific audiences, it’s important that the animators have a strong foundation in the science surrounding these stories to ensure accuracy and nuance. This is one reason that every animator at Microverse Studios has an advanced degree in medical illustration from an accredited university. Our team has a breadth of knowledge in animation in addition to the medicine and science fields, allowing us to portray the mechanism of disease of a drug accurately and concisely. We use the latest information and technologies to ensure our MOD animations are up to high industry standards. You can trust Microverse to deliver engrossing medically and scientifically accurate mechanism of disease videos that both educate and compel those who watch them.

To learn more about how Microverse’s disease animations can be beneficial to your business and audience or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today. When you work with us, you can show your story to the world your way.

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Biotechnology Animation

Biotechnology is one of the most prolific and varied industries in the world today, and it possesses unlimited potential for entrepreneurship and doing good in the world. However, because the myriad technologies coming to market are often utterly unique and usually rely on specific facets of molecular and cellular biology, coming up with a way to easily communicate their value proposition can be difficult.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Biotechnology animation is an effective way to illustrate the ins and outs of biotechnology and convey its importance to a wide audience in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. The value of cell biology animation for those in the biotechnology industry is that it can showcase complicated technologies in a comprehensive, cohesive way that no other medium can match.

Microverse Studios is proud to create accurate and impactful biotech animations for inventors in the biotechnology industry. Our talented team of animators has extensive and broad experience in the relevant fields of science along with world-class animation talent. We understand how our clients’ technologies work and can pass this information on in a way that’s entertaining, educational, and captures the audience’s attention. We handle every step of the biotechnology animation creation process, from storyboarding and scriptwriting to completion. Our services culminate in a short, one-of-a-kind molecular biology animation that our clients can email out, post on their website, and proudly show to the world. Our clients can provide their audience with a 2-minute video that grabs and holds their attention rather than a confusing and mundane block of text on your website or a generic PowerPoint diagram.

Time and time again we are told by our clients how much our biotechnology animations have helped them explain their technologies to investors and customers with efficiency and consistency and brand value that they could never match before.

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Agricultural Animation

Agricultural technology is beginning to take advantage of advancements in modern biology and materials sciences, and these emerging technologies carry with them increasingly complex messages. How do you explain why your pesticide is better at disrupting multiple species of insect and fungi in a way that will make enough of a lasting impression on customer minds to not get lost in the crowd?

The answer is, trust them to understand deep science. Microverse Studios can take your message about food additives releasing at varying pH levels, or plant immune responses, or surfactant behaviors, and make those concepts easy to understand and absorb, and most importantly, easy to remember. An agricultural technology animation can make even the most intricate concepts digestible and enjoyable for your audience.

The use of scientific animation in agricultural technology is always increasing, and it’s important to choose an animation studio that can create visually striking agricultural animation, and at the same time is capable of doing their own research to fully understand the science behind your story. That’s where we stand out. Let us help your products stand out as well.

Our team at Microverse Studios is made up of talented animators with master’s degrees in medical illustration. With a deep understanding of not just animation but medicine and science as well, we can take complex concepts and transform them into stunning, accurate, and easily understood agricultural education animations that will wow your audience. We’re committed to providing high-quality, scientifically accurate agricultural animations that are completely unique to your brand. Thanks to our team’s expertise, you don’t have to worry about hand-holding or missed deadlines. You’ll get your deliverables on time and on budget, so you can keep your marketing plan on schedule.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss bringing your story to life with a top-of-the-line agricultural video from Microverse Studios.

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Medical Device Animation

Medical devices are brilliant inventions that have very specific surgical applications. One problem with explaining how these devices work is that their action often takes place in a very difficult-to-see place: deep inside the human body. In-person demonstrations are an important part of customer education, and surgeries simulated with prosthetic surgical sites can be helpful as well in understanding the technique. However, no communications tool matches animation when it comes to clearly depicting the structure and functionality of a medical device. Medical technology animation can make a big first impression that you can’t achieve with any other medium.

At Microverse Studios, we’re proud to fill all your medical device animation needs. Our team of experienced animators can create short medical device animation videos that flawlessly communicate the workings of a medical device. We can show the interior of a closed surgical field, demonstrate how a stent unfolds, or how a device uses hypersonic movement and fluid dynamics to cause a shearing effect.

Medical product animation is also a major tool for generating interest. Rather than encountering a dry, live-video demonstration, potential customers’ first impression of a medical device can be an engaging, accurate, and memorable production. At Microverse, we make our medical device animations easy to distribute, so you can reach as wide of an audience as possible. We can provide our animations as emailed links or videos embedded on the product website for hassle-free implementation and accessibility.

And to make working with us a truly positive experience, you’ll be set up with a professional, experienced team that knows their stuff. Our animators have extensive backgrounds in anatomy and histology, as well as the scientific and medical backgrounds necessary to get up to speed with our clients’ medical device technologies without handholding.

The result is stunning and engaging medical device animations that draw audiences in and leave a lasting impression.

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