5 Useful Content Marketing Strategies for Biotech Companies

Smaller companies, notably greener ones, tend to have a difficult time competing against bigger companies that have been in the biotech and health fields for longer. This niche field has a lot of competition, but your startup can still compete with some of the biggest companies out there by using content marketing strategies. Here are… More

5 Tips for a Successful Medical Device Marketing Strategy

You have a revolutionary new device and want to sing its praises to the world, but how do you convey the merits of your product effectively? Marketing a new medical device isn’t an easy feat, but by using these five tips for a successful medical device marketing strategy, you can create a campaign that showcases… More

Biotech Marketing: Capturing Attention With Video Content

Biotechnology is a fast-growing industry, but many biotech companies struggle to convey their research and technology effectively to their audience. If you’re having trouble attracting investors or buyers, learn how biotech companies can capture attention with video marketing and boost their reach, brand awareness, and sales. Grow Your Reach Did you know that pages with… More

Top 5 Pharmaceutical Marketing Trends in 2022

Since the start of the pandemic, the pharma industry has grown rapidly and in unprecedented ways to meet consumers’ changing needs. Virtual has become the new status quo in a world where people spend more time online than ever. This continues in 2022, according to the year’s top pharmaceuticals marketing trends. If you’re planning a… More

What To Look For When Choosing Medical Animators

A medical animation can help you convey an idea or showcase a product in a way that’s engaging and easy for viewers to understand. But if you want your animation to be high-quality, eye-catching, and informative, choosing the right medical animator is key. If you’re wondering what to look for when choosing a medical animator… More

When Not to Use Scientific Video

When trying to decide whether to use scientific video, a lot of my clients look to the competition. If theirs is the only brand without a mechanism of action video to describe their science, they frequently decide that a scientific animation must be right for them, too. But is that really true? The easy answer:… More

Pharmaceutical Animation- Maximize Your Mileage

So you decided to have a pharmaceutical animation or other scientific animation produced by a high-end biomedical 3D animation company. You committed tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to the project, depending on your vendor. You know you’ve made the right decision, but are you going to get everything out of it you… More

In Pharma Branding, Image(ry) is Everything

With the pharmaceutical landscape now saturated with scientific animation, is it still possible for animation to make a pharma branding campaign stand out? Over the last few decades, medical animation has become increasingly important to the pharma, biotech and medical device industries as a means of quickly delivering key information. Whether it’s used to educate sales personnel,… More