Reasons Medical Device Marketing Needs Animation

Nov 14th, 2022
Reasons Medical Device Marketing Needs Animation

When creating video content for your medical device, it needs to do more than look appealing on screen. A presentation for a new therapy or device should be clear, concise, and engaging. Take a step in a new medical device marketing direction by learning why your company needs medical animation.

Your Presentation Time Is Limited

A video needs to grab the viewers’ attention in the first 15 seconds. Every video needs to do more than list facts; it needs to engage the viewer and teach them about your device.

Show, Don’t Tell

Film makes complex topics easier to understand. A medical device video can establish a problem that needs solving, show how conventional tools fall short, and show how your device is the hero. After watching the video, the viewer should understand the solution your device offers and the basics of how it works.

The Audience Builds Their Knowledge From Your Videos

Medical device animation sets itself apart from other video types. It can give the viewer a walkthrough of how your device works, even showing what the device does and how it interacts with tissue with greater clarity than live video. With animation, it is simple to show action that takes place inside the device and inside the body, depicting things that cannot be filmed live. Animation also allows us to control the style of the imagery and to avoid showing anything that could provoke a visceral reaction from the viewer. We can make a surgery video beautiful instead of off-putting. Medical device animation can also make a surgical video engaging for the audience.

If there’s any form of media that’s educational, engaging, and beautiful, it’s animation. Animation’s not only limited to the patient; it’s a marketing tool that appeals to doctors, investors, and other healthcare professionals as well.

If you need to know how to use medical device animation in pharmaceutical marketing, you’ll find all your answers here. Microverse Studios offers compelling storytelling abilities that reshape how viewers watch videos. Our work includes finding the right pacing, visual treatment, and music to set the perfect tone for your brand and selecting the right visuals for your device’s video. Our team can create strong, rich content that helps explain your story to the viewers.

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