Why Use Animated Explainer Videos in Your Pitch to Investors

Nov 7th, 2022
Why Use Animated Explainer Videos in Your Pitch to Investors

You have less than three minutes to impress potential investors. Short, animated content can make your pitch memorable. Continue reading to learn why you should use animation explainer videos in your pitch to investors.

Time Is Limited

Time is of tremendous value to investors. Suppose you have technology you need to present in under three minutes. If you can’t show the unmet need or prove your product can meet the demand, you’re sent out the door. Animation is the easiest way to succinctly show the problem, how conventional solutions (if any) fall short, and how your therapy could be the hero.

Many shareholders give people a short time to say something meaningful and grab their interest. In a total of three minutes, investors know whether there’s an opportunity or not. While you might say a picture is worth a thousand words, an animated video is worth more.

Present an Elevated Brand

Smarter strategies build a stronger brand. If the first thing on your to-do list for every animated pitch video is to develop smarter strategies, you’re doing it right. Investors don’t want to see quantity; they want quality. It’s easy to adapt your style to your content, especially in explainer videos. With animation, it’s possible to use branded colors, illustrations, and mottos. Come to the studio with your concept, ensure it aligns with the brand, and you’ve got a successful pitch!

A Better Chance To Stand Out

Investors make decisions from pitches. Make yourself stand out and get more approvals from every pitch meeting with help from 3D medical animation services. Animations are more memorable than cold reads, so provide an animated explainer video in your pitch to investors instead of pages of text.

Microverse Studios creates beautiful and accurate animated videos. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can create an animated video for your pitch to shareholders.

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